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Latin Tridentine Missale Romanum, 1962


Here are the top 10 reasons that Protestantism is of the Devil and hardly worth calling Christian.

Yes, some Protestants may end up in heaven, but that is in spite of their churches (which

arent Churches because Church is defined as: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic; so the protestant places of

assembly will be hereinafter referred to as Assemblies), not because of them.

1) Salvation: Sola Fide, Protestants boil salvation down to saying a "magic prayer" called the sinners prayer.

Faith alone means an intellectual assent to Christ, and following Christ has no connection to faith for them. Sure,

they may say this is not true, but many of their assemblies teach it and most of their people believe it. Many, many Protestants

believe this way. Their once-saved-always saved belief only encourages them in their delusion, and many of them who
are "sure" of their salvation through this "magic prayer" really aren't. Luther of course said that Protestants are like dunghills

covered with snow...kind of like when Jesus said the Pharisees were like whitewashed tombs with unclean bones inside!

2) The Bible: Sola Scriptura, the Bible alone as the rule of faith is not even in the Bible! Protestants claim they

love the Bible so much, this is not true. If so they wouldn't have cut seven books out of the OT!

The apostles such as St. Paul quoted from the Septuagint, they considered it the full canon, so did the early Church that received the apostles.

So why don't Protestants? Because they hate the Bible! The may say they don't, but they really do, they put the individual

above God's word since sola scriptura means that an individual can interpret the Bible any way
they please. They also reject the church, which is the body of Christ. This is why there are so many assemblies and so many contradictions

among Protestants on key doctrinal matters! Sola Scriptura is the doctrine of demons since if it were from God it wouldn't cause

so much confusion among His people. Also, Protestants say that they are superior because they know so much about the Bible.

What a bunch of baloney!  They can't even agree what the Bible says. Plus knowledge of Scripture doesn't necessarily make one a Christian.

Knowing God through Christ and His One True Church does though! Protestants reduce salvation to somesort of Bible quiz.

3) Protestants approve of adultery: Read what Jesus and Paul say about divorce and remarriage. Jesus called it adultery!

Yet 90% of Protestant assemblies today wink and nod at folks who divorce and remarry, most Protestant assemblies even

perform the Non-Sacramental, pretend weddings, thus approving of adultery! Charles Stanley's divorce also shows that even Protestant

ministers engage in divorce. This is heresy!  Protestants are clearly prone to the influences of the world. Today they approve of adultery by

remarriage,tomorrow homosexuality! This has already started in the more satanic liberal assemblies, and its only a matter of time before the conservatives

or fundamentalists accept this as well! One easy way to explain why some Catholics became Protestant is because they couldn't accept God's

word and the RCC teaching on divorce-and-remarriage, though the Protestant assemblies were willing to help them ignore and water down God's word.

4) Infallibility: Protestants condemn infallibility in the RCC, but their pastors act and teach like they
are. As individuals, fundamentalists do this as well. They may say the aren't infallible, but their actions and
teachings show things are different!

5) Some Protestants believe that Satan created the world!
While this is shocking, and they may deny it, deep down it is true. The Landmark Baptist, for example

claim the Albigensians as their forefathers. The Albigensians believed that Satan created the

world! Thus their forefathers were heretics! Even Protestants who don't claim the Albigensians have,

like the Muslims, a hatred for the physical world, which God, not Satan created. This is why

Protestants hate the sacraments, because deep down they really think Satan created the
world and they don't think God works through physical matter. This is also why they are uncomfortable with
the incarnation and with Mary as the mother of God (Jesus=100% God, 100% Man, Mary is his mother,

ergo Mary is the mother of God, of course Jesus, with the Father and Holy Spirit existed before the universe

did, Mary is only the willing vessel of the incarnation). Many Protestants really don't believe that Jesus was

wholly man, just like the Gnostics!

6) Protestants don't believe in the notion of absolute truth: This is evidenced since Protestant

teaching on the Bible and doctrinal matters changes from generation to generation, even within

denominations! Thus Lutherans and Calvinists today don't believe the same as Luther and Calvin did. Thus Baptist

called divorce and remarriage adultery 100 years ago, but today it is o.k. For Protestants, the truth and the Bible

are whatever they say they want them to be; they form their opinions and then just twist Scripture to back themselves up!

7) Protestants don't even know what the Bible is! As I've mentioned before about the canon, Protestants
feel they can change it whenever they want. Like Luther, if they don't like the book of James because it goes
against Sola Fide, just toss it out and make your own Bible! Thus R.C. Sproul calls the cannon a "fallible
list of infallible books" (in other words the Bible is infallible, but we can't be sure what books belong in
the Bible, we can change them when we feel like it though) and James White says the cannon is "self-authenticating"
(in otherwords, the cannon is whatever "speaks to" the individual Protestant).

8) End Times: Protestants today are obsessed with the end times, though they can't agree about the matter at all.

Many Protestants prove themselves to be false prophets by falsely predicting the time of Christ's return.
Since Jesus said "no man know but the father" and that false prophets would come talking about the end
Protestants who predict the end are false prophets, claiming to know the same as God! Other Protestants just speculate

9) History: There were no Protestant churches, no person who believed in Sola Scriptura or Sola Fide until Luther.
Thus Protestantism is a false copy of the true church.  A counterfeit and novel invention.  The Early Church Fathers

were clearly Catholic, some of them even knew the apostles first hand! While some Protestants try to claim that the "real church"

was underground or silent, there is no evidence for this. We already know that the early Catholic church did
go underground (literally, i.e. the catacombes), so we are asked to believe, with no evidence that "the
real church" was an underground church in the early Catholic church which itself was already underground!? What nonsense!

Also, the early Catholic churches couldn't have believed in Sola Scriptura since until 300 A.D. or so not all local churches had

full copies of the NT!  As for the nonsense about the Catholic church not allowing people to read the Bible this is false for
several basic reasons: 1) Most people until modern times were illiterate, so giving them a Bible or book of any kind wouldn't

help them anyway. This is why Scripture is and was read aloud at Mass. 2) The printing press was not invented until a Catholic

by the name of Guttenburg invented it in 1450 for the purpose of printing Bibles! Thus all Bibles before 1450 were handcopies,

any books of any kind were rare because they were handcopies.  If you love your Bible, you can thank the monks who ensured
it was passed down through the ages by copying it!  Finally, for history, some Protestants claim "the true church"
was found in groups such as the Arians, Novatians, Albigensians, etc. These were all heretics who denied
Christ! Some Protestants apologists also claim that the RCC destroyed the records of "the true church". What hogwash! 

They didn't destroy the records of their heretical enemies such as the Arians, Gnostics, etc, so why  those of the imaginary

"early Baptists"? Precisely because they're weren't any Baptists before the 1500s!  Protestant churches were founded

by men, not the apostles. Finally, some Protestants claim that there simply were no Christians between 100 A.D. and Luther.
This negates Christs promise for there always to be a Church against which the gates of Hell shall never prevail;

and for him to be with Christians always.  They are calling Jesus Christ a liar.

10) Protestants bear false witness against Catholics:  Protestant apologists purposely distort Catholic beliefs into things they are not.

More about this now.

O.k. this 10 ten reasons is in reality a parody of the anti-Catholic Protestant apologists I see.  You folks exaggerate and distort
Catholic beliefs saying, "they say this, but let me tell you what they really believe". Then you proceed to bear false witness against

Catholicism. The above is a taste of your own medicine. If you can make Catholicism to be pagan through exaggerations and mistruths,

I can do the same with Protestantism.  Do some Catholics believe some of the things you talk about such as worshiping Mary?

A few probably do. But equally, the exaggerations I have about have grains of truth about some Protestants. Some Protestants
do think of salvation as a "magic prayer" sinners prayer, or "buying fire insurance" at a revival, but this is certainly not true of all Protestants.
The above was to show that what is good for the goose, is good for the gander, it works both ways.  I do find it interesting that I haven't seen any
Catholics make the wild accusations like I have above against Protestants. Protestant apologists, especially fundamentalists, however,

aren't so kind or so truthful

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